Consumer Behavior in a COVID and Post-COVID World



Jim Dion, Dionco Co. 


How will consumer behavior continue to evolve in a time of physical distancing? In what ways will the pandemic reshape where, when, why — and how— consumers buy goods and services? For business owners who want to survive, answering such questions is key, and hope alone is not a strategy, says author, speaker and retail consultant Jim Dion of Dionco Co. During this dynamic, thought-provoking presentation, Dion will leverage his research in human psychology and experience advising legacy brands through periods of intense change — including The Ritz-Carlton Company, Harley-Davidson Motor Company and Hummer — to share insight on the important lessons the current crisis already has taught retailers and how business owners can position their operations to be on the leading edge of changes in consumer spending and habits. Dion, a speaker at past SAF conventions, brings both a deep understanding of the unique challenges facing the floral industry within the context of the overall crisis — and fresh perspective on how to see some of those obstacles in a new and empowering light.


Strategies in Adapting Operations



Chris Drummond, AAF, PFCI, Penny’s by Plaza Flowers 


Sarah Bagle, Accent Decor

Anna Ball, Ball Horticultural

Charlie Cole, FTD

Jim Dion laid out some of the biggest changes in consumer behavior, now learn how major players in the floral industry project how floral industry entrepreneurs will need to adapt their playbooks and how they plan to keep moving forward in new ways in the near- and longer term. Walk away with practical ideas and inspiration on how to take concrete steps immediately that will make your business more agile, resilient and successful.



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